IV. Pharmacy students, Pharmacology (lectures, hybrid version)

2020, September 5 - 18:15
LECTURES (IV. year students) and seminars

IV. Pharmacy students, Pharmacology (lectures, hybrid version).


LECTURES (IV. year students) and seminars:



The first class (lecture: 7th of September, Monday, 2020, AM: 10-12 o’clock) will be held ONLINE via Cisco-Webex or “elearning.med.undideb.hu” homepage (see the NEPTUN).


The following weeks, in the 1st semester, ALL Monday-lecture (classes: AM: between 10-12 o’clock) will be held also ONLINE, via Cisco-Webex or „elearning.med.unideb.hu”.


ALL Wednesday-Lecture (Clinics of Pulmonology, Wednesday, AM: 10-12) will be held in personal contact (between the teacher and students), keeping the safety regulations (mask, hand wash, disinfection, safety distance). In this case (lecture room, Pulmonology Clinics), looking at the numbers of students, there is enough (2 to 3 meters), or EVEN more than enough (5 to 6 meters) safety distance among each student.


Two “self control” examines will be held about the themes (subjects) of the lectures in the 1st semester, in November and December, 2020. If the average value of these two “self control” exams is above than 80% of each, students can get an exemption from the Examine held in December (2020) and January (2021). The mark can be 4 or 5, depending on the % of the results of the two “self control” examines.


SEMINARS and their regulation will be organized by Dr. Istvan Leki. All students get the information about seminars very soon via NEPTUN from Dr. Istvan Lekli.

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