14 Jan
The Faculty of Humanities Awaits you!
The Faculty of Humanities, one of the most prestigious faculties of UD, awaits students with a wide variety of academic programmes and premium services, including talent management programmes, internship programmes, language courses, as well as sports and cultural programmes.
14 Jan
Information Technology – A Great Career Opportunity
Fully-equipped computer rooms and research labs, as well as cutting-edge multimedia equipment await students at the Faculty of Informatics of UD, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The academic programmes were revised last year, apparently successfully.
11 Jan
From Courting To Parenting
The 2nd Élvonal Conference, entitled "New directions in the research of the evolution of sexual roles", started on Friday. Scientists from all over the world participate at the event that is connected to an international research programme focusing on the social behaviour of shore birds.
10 Jan
UD, Faculty of Law – a Secure Future
Lecturers from various countries, 97% of the graduates find a job in the sector, learning contents available through the internet for free, scholarship programmes, specializations, including the recently launched customer protection programme – apply to the Faculty of Law at UD!
09 Jan
World-Class Dentistry Training
Dental students at UD learn about state-of-the-art procedures and the use of cutting-edge equipment. The 5-year, one-tier academic programme of the Faculty of Dentistry offers world-class education and knowledge.
04 Jan
Continuously Developing Agricultural Programs
While continuing to develop its educational and research infrastructure in general, the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management will also launch some new programs in 2019.
03 Jan
Major developments at the Emergency Clinic
Multifunctional beds, a complex monitoring system, heart ultrasound, digital contact with the emergency services – major developments are taking place at the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen. The first emergency clinic of the country has also taken over daytime primary care duties.
18 Dec
Graduation Ceremonies in Winter – Videos
The series of graduation ceremonies in the winter period has been started by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management. The ceremonies are recorded by the Multimedia and E-learning Centre.
17 Dec
DESzínház on the Road to International Fame
Debreceni Egyetemi Színház Vígkarma Társulata [verbatim: Happy Karma Troupe of the Theatre of the University of Debrecen] is to represent Hungary at the 2019 international Amateur Theatre Festival hosted in Canada by AITA/IATA, the most successful association of amateur theatres in the world.
13 Dec
Internationally Acclaimed Cancer Researcher Has Received the Debrecen Award
This year, for his ground-breaking results in the field of cancer research, Sir David Philip Lane has received the "Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine". The award-winning ceremony took place on Thursday at the UD. The discovery of the scientist primarily facilitates the treatment of leukemia.

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