Public Pharmacy Practice

Dear Students for state exam practice!


The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Debrecen and the Educational Office would like to inform you about state exam practice. Please read carefully the thematic of state exam practice. The duration of state exam practice is 2+4 months, spending 1 month is obligatory in hospital pharmacy. Please inform your tutor pharmacist who is in charge of training, that every document is available on our website in electronic form and also tell them to read the electronic letter that was send for them from our faculty. Pharmacist should take into consideration the position of Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists about the student contract of the state exam practice.

To certify the fulfilment of practice, student has to give the following printed documents to the Educational office: evaluation of electronic workbook (public and hospital pharmacy), student evaluation report, the attendance sheets (public and hospital pharmacy). These documents have to be signed by the pharmacist who is in charge of training and the stamp of pharmacy is needed. The electronic workbooks (public and hospital pharmacy) shouldn’t be printed, signed by the pharmacist and stamp of pharmacy is not needed on these forms. These documents have to be sent electronically to the following email: . Students have to write down one practical problem once in a week. Every document has to be sent until 27th of May, 2017. If any of these documents is missing till the deadline, student cannot take state exam.

We wish you to spend your practice useful!


In the name of Faculty management:



Dr Ildikó Bácskay

Associate Professor

Vice Dean for Education

Faculty of Pharmacy,

University of Debrecen