Department of Pharmaceutical Technology - Research

Our research profile is focus on formulation and characterisation of novel, innovative pharmaceutical dosage forms and their excipients. Natural compounds are formulated in special pharmaceutical dosage forms. Physicochemical and biological effects of different additives have been investigated by several innovative methods. We use Caco-2 colon epithelial, HeLa cervical, CaLu pulmonary cell layers as in vitro model of  drug absorption and study the cytotoxic and bioavailability enhancement of additives. We have special interest on surface active agents and cyclodextrins which have solubility increasing and absorption enhancing effects. Our recent results showed, that cyclodextrin molecules are also able to enter into enterocytes with endocytosis and this mechanism can open a new way for drug delivery. Our students interested in research can participate in several research activities in the frame of Student Scientific Research Association. Special pharmaceutical experimental topics may be selected and high-level thesis may be written at this Department.

Updated: 2017.11.22.