Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry



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History of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1996: The education of pharmacist began within the framework of a joint education program between the University Medical School of Debrecen and the former Lajos Kossuth University with Consent of the National Accreditation Committee and the Higher Education Board.

1998: the education of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry started in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2000: the University of Debrecen was established with the integration of the Agricultural University of Debrecen, the Medical University of Debrecen, Lajos Kossuth University, and the István Wargha Teacher Training College of Hajdúböszörmény.

2003: Fundation of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the frame of Medical Center

2004: pharmacy education started in English

2006: Pharmaceutical Chemistry education started in English

2013: Establish the individual Faculty of Pharmacy, which consists of six departments including the Pharmacodynamics, Biopharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Surveillance, and Economics and Clinical Pharmacology.

Heads of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1996 – 2001 Prof. Ferenc Sztaricskai
2001 – 2012 Prof. Pál Herczegh
2012 – Prof. Anikó Borbás



Educational tasks

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory I.: GYGKE05P5
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory II.: GYGKE07P6
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practice I.: GYGKE06P5
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practice II.: GYGKE08P6
  • Quality Control: GYMIN02P9
  • Illicit drugs: GYKAB42P7
  • Chemical biology: GYKEB42P8

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