Useful information for 5th year students



Dear Students,


I would like to inform you about the details of Thesis.


The deadline to submit your thesis electronically to the Registrar’s Office is March 4, 2024 (Monday) until 12:00 noon.

You have chance to submit your thesis in late until March 18, 2024 (Monday), in this case you have to pay late fee (in the 1stweek 3.000 HUF/day, from 2nd week 6.000 HUF/day).


If the thesis is not accepted by one of the opponents, the student must rewrite it, taking into account the opponents’ critical comments. If one or both opponents request corrections before the thesis is accepted, the student must revise and submit the thesis within 1 week, taking into account the critical comments.


Thesis defense: middle of April, 2024. I will inform you aboutthe schedule later.


The following documents must be sent electronically (in one email) in separated PDF files to the Registrar's Office:


1. Thesis The title page does not need to be signed and stampedby the head of department and supervisor. For those who are not writing their thesis in the Pharmacy department, please contact the Registrar’s Office and we will send you a sample for the title page!


2. Endorsement of your supervisor and the head of the department to the submission of the thesis.    It should be signed and stamped.


3. Evaluation by your supervisor. It is a short evaluation about your work etc.


4. Registration form Your supervisor should fill the form out.


5. Plagiarism declaration


6. Abstract/summary/introduction with your name and thesis title


Please, find the forms on the following link: forms


If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. ÁgnesOjtozi, email, phone 06 52 258-024.



Acceptance of a TDK work as a thesis


After the acceptance, you should upload your thesis to the DEA.


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Zsuzsa Barta,email; phone 06 52 258-002.


Best regards,

Registrar's Office


Downloadable documents:

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